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Screenshots (Version 4.0)

1. Just add your music files, and Platinum Notes will process them automatically. Notice how many red clipped peaks it fixed in each song. All your music files will get the same volume:

2. Platinum Notes uses the best audio filters from Mixed In Key and iZotope. It's like the Rolls Royce® of audio processing. You have complete control over which components to enable. Notice the Add Warmth filter, new in Platinum Notes 4.0:

3. We often get the question, "Does it work with Beatport and iTunes files?" The answer is: YES, it was designed for them. Beatport and iTunes sell files that were provided by the music label. Some files are LOUD, some are too quiet. Platinum Notes will process your entire music collection with one mouse click, and make everything sound better together.

Buy and download our best version ever:

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